5 Ways to Clean and Remove Pet Hair from your Home

by Ines Piquet on May 23, 2013

Pets bring with them lots of joy and love. And hair. Pet hair floating around a home can be a nuisance at best and an allergen at worst. However, there are ways to control and remove pet hair from carpets, floors, and furniture.

1.  Cover the Surfaces

Whether a pet likes to lie on the floor or lounge on the sofa, there are ways to cover surfaces that Rex or Razzy have picked as their favorite places.

  • Slip covers for furniture are fashionable, and they are often made in fabric that is easy to wash.
  • Area rugs placed over wall-to-wall carpeting can be removed and washed or cleaned.
  • Throws placed over a pet's favorite chair can be removed weekly and popped into the washing machine.

Covers can add interest to a room's décor, can be used to introduce bursts of color, and can be changed with the seasons.

2.  Stick with Hair-Resistant Surfaces

Some surfaces are naturally resistant to hair:

  • Leather–real or synthetic
  • Heavy-duty cotton or canvas
  • Ultrasuede
  • Tile, vinyl, or wooden floors

3.  Cleaning Methods

Various cleaning tools are effective in removing pet hair:

  • Rubber gloves or a sponge. Lightly spray with water, and wipe over the furniture.
  • Adhesive lint pick-up rollers. Rub them over curtains, clothes, and furniture.
  • Anti-static dryer sheets. Use them on a small area first, because they may leave a residue.

4.  Vacuuming up the Pet Hair

The most common method of cleaning up pet hair is by vacuuming. Testing labs produce reports on which vacuum cleaners are most effective at various tasks, including that of picking up pet hair.

The degree of suction in a vacuum cleaner is important, as are agitator brush effectiveness and belt endurance. Other practices–such as changing the bag frequently, and cleaning the wand and brushes–also help to keep a cleaner in tip-top condition.

5.  Prevention is Best

Tackling the root cause of the pet hair is one of the best ways to prevent piles of fluff and fur from invading the home. Grooming a pet regularly will help to remove what is called dead coat. This is the hair that is in the animal's soft undercoat but has become loose and falls out every time Rex or Razzy moves.

Using a combination of these ideas to remove pet hair is sure to keep home a pleasant place in which pets and pet parents can live in harmony.   

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