Benefits of Using Mirrors in Home Decoration

by Ines Piquet on February 8, 2013

When it comes to interior design, consider mirrors to be the windows you get to customize. Large mirrors are a central theme of modern interior design, but a mirror can be found to suit any home's style.

Use mirrors like portable windows- to create a point of interest and to open up space. The many benefits to decorating your home using mirrors make it one of the most popular and recommended interior design updates. Here are the top 3 reasons why:

1. A unique mirror and frame makes for a major style statement.

Because mirrors have been used as design centerpieces for centuries (just consider the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles), a little scouting will turn up just the right mirror or frame to express your style, whether you're looking for an ultra-modern bedroom mirror or channeling Marie Antoinette's candlelit dining room.

2. Mirrors visually double the size of the room.

Adding depth to a room, a mirror will automatically make it appear larger. This makes mirrors a staple design strategy for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and entryways, where they'll double their usefulness as you check your image before leaving the house.

3. Both natural and artificial light are reflected in mirrors, brightening the space they're in.

Most of the best restaurants use this simple strategy: use mirrors to reflect the soft, romantic (and highly flattering!) light from candles and centerpieces. Mirrors are simply one of the best ways to set a festive, intimate mood.

During the daytime, mirrors catch the natural light from windows to lighten and brighten their space- and, more than likely, the mood in them!

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