How to Make Your Fridge Spotless in 20 Minutes

by Ines Piquet on June 12, 2013

We have all looked into the refrigerator and have seen what seemed to be several "science experiments" going on in the appliance–at once! The fridge can be taken from a rotten mess to spic-and-span in no time at all. With some quick working and a good plan, twenty minutes is all the time needed to do the job.

The following is a step-by-step, minute-by-minute plan to clean the refrigerator quickly:

  • Minutes 1 and 2 – Unplug the unit. Remove dust from under the machine by using a coil brush to wipe the area. Get to the coil by removing the kick plate, which is the rectangular piece right above the floor.
  • Minutes 3 to 7 – The contents need to be emptied. Throw everything into the trash that is past its prime. Remember to recycle glass and plastic items.
  • Minutes 8 to 10 – Remove the drawers and put them in the sink. Scrub them with liquid soap and warm water. Put them on the side to dry.
  • Minutes 11 to 15 – Spray the inside with a multi-surface cleaner. Wipe the walls and the shelves. Don't forget the seams, rubber seals, and crevices. It might take an old toothbrush to get to the tough grime.
  • Minutes 16 and 17 – Plug the refrigerator back in. Place the draws back in the machine. Return food and bottles to the unit after wiping them down.
  • Minute 18 – Put the baking soda pod back, making sure to attach it to the wall.
  • Minutes 19 and 20 – Clean the outside. Use a multi-surface spray and paper towels for an enameled steel unit, or use a microfiber cloth and distilled vinegar for a stainless steel refrigerator; wipe in the direction of the grain. 

There! It's all done and in a quick and snappy twenty minutes. Cleaning the refrigerator is one of the jobs that is continually put off. There comes a time, though, when the job just has to be done. Follow the quick and easy steps listed above to do the job in minimal time with maximum results.

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10 Helpful Cleaning Tips for Busy People

by Ines Piquet on June 7, 2013

It is in the middle of the week, and that important guest wants to drop by your house, but it is a mess. You have a job deadline to meet, so you most likely have no time to clean. Don’t worry: the following tips will help get your house clean and hopefully keep it clean.

1.     Avoid offering excuses and explanations as to why your house is not clean. Regardless of the reasons you can give to explain the mess, always work to go beyond excuses and the need to ever use them.

2.     If you have a very tight schedule, it pays to get some few organizational items in your house. For instance, a laundry basket in the bathroom and one in the bedroom will keep you from leaving a streak of dirty clothes all over the place.

3.     If you get the chance to clean your house, work on a schedule since the time might be limited:

  • Start from the living room, this is where every visitor will get their first impressions.
  • Move on to the kitchen: wipe the shelves, do any dirty dishes and throw away all the trash.
  • Pick up all your dirty clothes and put them into their laundry baskets.
  • Clean the bathroom and the toilet.
  • Finish with your bedroom. Make the bed and put away things in their respective places

4.     When you get the chance to clean your house, avoid stopping to take a break. Something new and more interesting might come up and stop you from finishing the job.

5.     Get cleaning tools that make the cleaning job easier and less tiring. For instance, a swifter combines sweeping and mopping into one very efficiently. In addition to this, get good cleaning products that take off dirt quickly.

6.     Always do your dishes immediately after using them. Dirty dishes are an attraction to insects and pests- a greater problem

7.     Put your dishes away in their right place after doing them to avoid cluttering the kitchen.

9.      Get an accountability partner who will give you a reason to clean your house if you cannot get the motivation on your own.

10.   Finally, regardless of how tired you are or how messed up the house looks, never give up: you made the mess and have to clean it.

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