How to Incorporate Skylights in Your House

by Ines Piquet on May 8, 2013

One of the easiest ways to use solar power is to directly use it for lighting. Big windows are efficient in letting the light into the house but are not applicable in all conditions. In case you have a house that is wall locked and does not have access to the outside, aside from through the roof, the only option you have in letting the sun out is by using a skylight. The following tips will ensure that you get the best out of a skylight installation.

Plan well before the actual installation

Installing a skylight is not all about just puncturing a hole through the roof and the ceiling. You have to appropriately plan based on the kind of sun’s rays you want into your house. The skylight will take in straight hits from the sun, a factor that makes its light stronger than that from a window. Taking into consideration the location of your house and the amount of light you need is crucial in determining the size and type of skylight to use.

Remember that the sun is not like your 100 watt ceiling bulb

One thing that makes the use of skylights different from any artificial sources of light is that the sun, unlike your regular light bulb, will move. Its position depends on the season and the time of the day. 

If you have an attic, go tubular

These are skylight systems made up of a clear dome on the roof to capture the light and a reflective pipe to convey the light through the attic to the room of choice. These are the best designs in cases where you do not want to light up the attic in the process. In addition, their efficiency will allow you to use a smaller opening on the roof to capture a considerable amount of sunlight.

Ensure that you do not compromise aesthetics

Apart from just conveying light into a room, a skylight is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing. It should be part of the house’s décor, playing both active and passive roles to making the room look more attractive. Getting a design that does not stick out like a sore thumb on both the inside and the outside ensures that you light up the house in a stylish and acceptable way.


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