How to Tackle a Nasty Cleaning Chore: 7 Tips

by Ines Piquet on May 18, 2013

Nobody enjoys cleaning. However, there are ways to make the task less grueling. The following tips will be helpful in keeping one's house cleaner– and exerting less stress while doing so.


In order to keep a house clean, cleaning as one goes is the biggest help. If a mess does not exist, it does not need cleaning.


This is where prevention most comes in handy. The stove builds up grease, and sauces splash on areas around the stove. One should wipe the stove down on a daily basis and keep lids over all pots that are cooking.

Tile Grout

One of the most overlooked areas involving keeping a house clean is also one of the most glaring. A sparkling floor will not look as great as it should if the grout is dirty. Cleaning grout is a long, arduous task. There are special chemicals and brushes made for grout cleaning. If the grout is cleaned once a month, it will never become a grueling project.

Supply Belts and Totes

Once one is committed to a cleaning project, they will stay on track if they do not find themselves wandering around looking for needed items. Anybody who wears a utility belt or keeps a supply tote at hand will find themselves in an unstoppable cleaning groove.


These dental care tools are indispensable for household cleaning projects. There should always be an abundance of stiff-bristled brushes awaiting hard-to-reach areas in need of cleaning.

Handles and Doorknobs

It is impossible to imagine why anybody would spend time cleaning cupboards and doors and then leave the handles and knobs grimy. If the doorknobs and handles are not as clean as the doors they adorn, the overall effect of the cleaned door is significantly underwhelming.

Staying Alive

Too often, people assume that the soap or chemicals they are about to use are simple cleaning agents. These cleaners may appear to be simple, but it is important to take a moment to read the directions. Stop signs are put at intersections for a reason, and directions are put on the back of cleaning agents for the same reason: to keep people alive.

Few people enjoy cleaning anything but their plates. However, a clean habitat is a happy habitat. By following some of these tips, housecleaning should become a breeze and not a day of reckoning.

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