Cleaning makes our homes and work spaces livable, desirable and hygienic.

How often do homeowners and building managers consider cleaning the exterior of houses and the facades of buildings? SparkleTime offers pressure cleaning in the Phoenix area to take care of all your exterior cleaning needs from the tops of homes down to sidewalks and driveways.

Benefits of Pressure Cleaning
Pressure cleaning a home or building has several benefits.

Exterior structures get just as dirty as the interior of buildings. Dust storms, landscaping, and rainstorms can wreck havoc on the appearance of your building. These elements can stain siding or masonry over time. Additionally, contaminants from the environment can find their way into cracks and holes in buildings and the siding of homes causing long term damage to a building's exterior and facade. Pressure cleaning a building or home keeps these pollutants at bay and spruces up the appearance of any structure.

Pressure cleaning in Phoenix also keeps structures looking their best. No one wants to enter a building covered in grease or grime. Rust, dirt, and hard water stains on a buildings siding can drag down the value of buildings and homes. Neglecting the cosmetic needs of any structure not only damages your facade, it can damage your reputation and your bottom line.

Pressure cleaning can enhance safety as well. Dirty, greasy and grimy sidewalks can cause customers and employees to trip, slip or fall. Regular cleaning also ensures pollutants like toxic mold don't get the chance to flourish in and on your building or home.

SparkleTime takes pressure cleaning in the Phoenix area to a new level with our professionalism, attention to detail and service guarantee. 

Please call us at (480) 225-5141 to learn more about how pressure cleaning could work for you.