Top 10 Signs Your Home Needs Decluttering

by Ines Piquet on May 14, 2013

Though there are some things that we genuinely need to hang onto, others are junk that make our homes more cluttered. The following all are screaming indicators that we need to part with some of our clutter.

1.       Wedding gifts still struggle to share the couch with you

Keeping some of the best gifts in life is not bad. However, if you are still displaying old gifts, there is the need to de-clutter.

2.       Your cutlery resides in the dishwasher

Buying a plastic tray to store silverware might not be that much of an expense at all. With this, we can move it out of the dishwasher and have the freedom of being sure that the spoon picked is clean.

3.       Your car trunk doubles as your closet

Coming across things that should have otherwise gone to the closet in the car's trunk definitely means that somebody has more than you need in your possession.

4.       The bathroom has more products than CVS

Having more than four cans of deodorant and face creams does not make anyone a model. Chances are that they are not needed and you need to clean out the clutter.

5.       Two copies of the same movie

No matter how much you love a movie or a book, nothing will ever pass as an explanation for having more than one copy of it. If it is so, this is a sign that you need to de-clutter.

6.       All  the documents, ornaments and garments you come across

Though keeping records of the most recent receipts and documents might be a cool thing, it does not pay to bump into the receipts you used in the last three years unless they were for major expenses.

7.       Cabinets are full of canned foods and products

There is an expiration date on the bottom of the can. There is no need to hoard your canned products. Just buy as much as is need.

8.       The dresser drawers are crammed full

A full dresser means that some things that should relocate to the garage or trash can.

9.      The underside of your bed is like an extension of your garage

There is no excuse to having the underside of a bed that is more clogged than your garage. This means either somebody is too lazy to clean up or you have too much junk under your roof.

10.     Your closet is a headache

The final one touches on a closet. If searching for something in the closet gives an headache, one should seriously consider cleaning up.


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