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Windows let natural light in, enhance clarity and gives you a good view of your front yard. Yes. Windows have many uses. But more often than not, they are not given the care they need. Have you imagined living in a house with no windows? Not a pretty picture is it? No matter how beautiful your home is dirty windows will always detract from it overall appeal.

It is recommended that you clean your windows at least three times a year. Here are some of its benefits.

  • It protects the glass against harmful elements in the air and prolongs its lifespan.
  • It lets natural light in.
  • It improves clarity.
  • It improves the overall appearance of your home.

It’s good to have clean windows. However window cleaning is an art that has to be learned. Without the right training and tools you won’t be able to achieve the results of a professional. Do you want to have windows like new without having to clean them yourself? Then you can.

Hire Window Cleaning professionals.

Professional window cleaning services are there to make your life easier. Professionals have the skills, the experience, and the equipment to help them do an excellent job. With professionals doing the window cleaning for you all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful windows.

What SparkleTime Can Do For You

Any home can benefit from having clean windows. Here at SparkleTime we are all about service. We focus on providing excellent window cleaning services to homeowners here in Carefree.

YOU are our number 1 priority.

We have a competent team of window cleaners who have been trained in every part of the job. Each technician has been background checked and screened carefully to ensure that your home here in Carefree will be in safe and secure hands.

SparkleTime is:

  • Fully insured with coverage of up to 1 million dollars worth of damages.
  • Licensed

For Carefree residents, we have many window cleaning services to choose from, including exterior and interior window cleaning as well as screen cleaning.

Why SparkleTime?

Three things set up apart from all the rest: Great Service, Reliability and Eco-Friendliness.

Great Service. We take good care of all our customers – both internal and external. That means YOU and our technicians. We provide only the best to our customers – YOU. Since we started in 2004 we have made it a point to give excellent service because we want to give you good value for your money. We also allow our technicians opportunities to grow in various areas of their lives for we know that we also owe our success to them. Happy and fulfilled technicians are what make a company great.

Reliability. We always keep our word. Our integrity and reliability is something that we stand on. We want our customers to be able to trust us and to count on us.

Eco-Friendlines. Success does not have to come at the price of our environment. This is why we avoid the use of synthetic chemicals. We promote “green technology”.

We give guarantees too!

In addition to 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we offer two additional guarantees:

90-Day Bird Guarantee: Are the birds in your neighborhood soiling your windows again? Call us within 90 days and we will come back and clean up the mess – for no extra charge!

7-Day Rain Touch-Up Specials: Rain can cause streaking or spotting. If it rains within seven days after we clean your windows, call us to take advantage of these specials touch-up rates:

1 or 2-Story Home up to 1499 sq ft – Exterior Touch Up: $39

1 or 2-Story Home between 1500 and 3999 sq ft  – Exterior Touch Up: $59 

1 or 2-Story Home between 4000 and 5999 sq ft – Exterior Touch Up: $79

1 or 2-Story Home 6000 sq ft or larger – Exterior Touch Up: $99  


Call us today!

Don’t settle for less than the best. Hire our team of able professionals today and enjoy sparkling clean windows all year round. Call us now at (480) 225-5141 and get a FREE quote.